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Access made Smart
Security made Simple

Sfinx Inside is a Smart Access Management platform.

Smart access management helps keeping your home secure by controlling who can enter and when. It uses technology to make sure only authorized people can access your home, providing both convenience and safety.

Sfinx Inside is the most user-friendly platform for both homeowners and service organizations such as home care, home delivery, home cleaning, rental, patient transport, ... and many other home services

Why Sfinx

Secure, Seamless, Access Anywhere, Anytime

home care example

Operational excellence

Strive for Greatness, Achieve Operational Efficiency

By leveraging a Physical Access Management System effectively, a home service organization can optimize its operations, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance overall efficiency in delivering their services.


Sfinx plays a crucial role in supporting sustainability initiatives and contributing to a more environmentally conscious and efficient operation.

CO2 reduction through more efficient routing

Remote management and monitoring

Home Cleaning Services
Sfinx app

Where convenience meets security

The synergy between seamless, keyless entry and robust security measures creates an environment where user convenience aligns seamlessly with the importance of trustworthy system.

Keyless entry

Customizable permissions

Logging & intelligence

Remote access control

Morgan James, NY

Integrates with:

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