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3 reasons why smart access management is essential for cleaning services

Traditional access control with a key often causes frustration for both cleaners and homeowners. Homeowners don't want to hand over their keys to the cleaners, so they have to make sure they are home to open the door.

If they do hand it over, there is a risk of loss or theft of the key.

For a cleaning assistant who has to clean up to 10 houses per week, it is extremely inconvenient to manage all those different keys.

As a homeowner, you have no control over who uses that key and when.

So it's time to switch to more modern and efficient methods of access management.

3 benefits in a row for the home owner, the cleaning person and the cleaning organization

1. Safety & Security

Security is at the top of the priority list in every scenario. No more keys under the mat, in the flower pot or stuck behind the drain pipe.

For the householder, smart access control gives peace of mind knowing they have control over access to their home.

It is also an extra security for the cleaning help that they do not have to walk around with different keys and that they only get access at the right time and no longer have to stand in front of a closed door when the homeowner forgets to put the key in the agreed place.

Smart access control allows companies to accurately determine who has access to which customer's home. In some cases it can even be selected at the level of the rooms.

2. Efficiency

Efficiency is the key to success for good collaboration!

As a busy hous eowner, you can appreciate efficiency and convenience. Smart access management makes it possible for the cleaning service to quickly and easily gain access to the house at scheduled times, without the householder having to be present to open the door. This saves valuable time and with smart access management you can also check when and for how long the cleaning service has been in the house, providing extra peace of mind.

Time is valuable for a cleaning person. People want to be able to perform tasks quickly and efficiently. Smart access management ensures that the cleaning person has access to the home without delay at scheduled times. Waiting times have been eliminated and can be used more effectively. Moreover, it is also easier to communicate about working hours and tasks with both the employer and the house owner.

Increasing productivity and improving operational efficiency are always at the top of the list of cleaning service challenges. By implementing smart access management for their customers, cleaning assistants can be given faster and easier access to perform their tasks without wasting time at the front door. You can also integrate it with other business processes such as planning and time registration to work even more efficiently

3. Trust and reliability

A clean house with peace of mind.

Transparency and control over access management (who gets access and when) contributes to trust. Because as a home owner you want to be able to rely on the cleaning service you choose. Trust will also result in higher customer satisfaction and a long-term relationship with the cleaning service.

A cleaning person wants to appear professional and reliable. They would like to adhere to rules and procedures that have been set through smart access management. This way they can build a good reputation and maintain the trust of homeowners.

Homeowners rely on cleaning services to keep their property clean and safe. Smart access management will contribute to homeowners' confidence that they can leave their home and return to a clean home. It will give them peace of mind knowing that only reliable and qualified cleaners are given access. This way, a cleaning service can distinguish itself from the competition and build a reliable reputation.

With Sfinx we have a platform for smart access management that guarantees safety, efficiency and reliability.


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