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5 reasons why smart locks are more secure...

compared to traditional locks

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Home security is key for homeowners, and the choice between a traditional lock and a smart lock can significantly impact the level of protection your property receives. In this article we want to inform you about the strenghts of smart locks compared to traditional locks.

Key vulnerabilities of traditional locks

Traditional locks operate with physical keys. Physical keys come with vulnerabilities.

Keys can be easily lost or copied, and because these locks are physical, thieves can use methods like picking or bumping to break in without permission.

Limited access control

Unlike smart locks, traditional locks offer limited access control. Once a physical key is in the wrong hands, the only way to regain security is by changing the lock entirely.

Real time monitoring

Homeowners are often unaware of who enters or exits their property when they are away, leaving them vulnerable to potential security threats. With a smart lock you can control and monitor who enters the door, when.

Remote management

Traditional locks do not offer remote management capabilities. If you need to grant access to someone while you're away, the only option is to provide them with a physical key or make alternative arrangements. This lack of flexibility can be inconvenient and less secure.

Integration with security systems

Traditional locks operate independently of other security measures. They do not seamlessly integrate with modern security systems, such as cameras or alarms, which can limit their effectiveness in providing a secure solution.

How is a smart lock different?

While traditional locks have been a reliable security solution for many years, smart lock technology introduces a new level of security and convenience.

Smart locks address the vulnerabilities associated with traditional locks by offering:

  • advanced encryption

  • multi-factor authentication

  • real-time monitoring

  • remote management

  • integration with smart home ecosystems

The choice between a smart lock and a traditional lock depends on your individual security needs, budget, and willingness to embrace the benefits of emerging technology of home security.


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