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Efficiency and safety united. The importance of smart access management for cities and municipalities

Cities and municipalities must also strive more for efficiency, safety and sustainability. Smart access management includes a range of technologies and strategies that make it possible to manage access to public spaces, buildings and services in an intelligent way.

Why is this important for the city and its citizens?

1. Improved security

The most obvious benefit of smart access management is the improved security for both the properties and the citizens. By using advanced technologies such as biometric identification, facial recognition and smart access badges, cities and municipalities can limit access to sensitive areas and prevent unauthorized access. This helps reduce crime, vandalism and other forms of unwanted behavior, thereby improving the safety of society.

2. More efficient management of public services

Smart access management enables cities and municipalities to manage and optimize public services more efficiently. For example, using automated access control systems can simplify access to public buildings, parks and recreation areas, improving the citizen experience and better managing who gets access and when. Furthermore, smart access management can be integrated with other smart city solutions, such as traffic management and energy management, to create a seamless and optimized urban environment.

3. Sustainability

By implementing smart access management, cities and municipalities can also contribute to more sustainable and environmentally friendly urban development. Smart access management can be combined with intelligent lighting and heating systems to optimize energy consumption and improve the efficiency of urban infrastructures.

4. Key management: a challenge for cities and municipalities

One of the biggest challenges cities and municipalities face when it comes to access management is effectively managing a large number of keys and access tools.

Traditional key management methods, such as physical keychains and logs, are cumbersome and prone to human error. This can lead to inefficiencies, lost keys and even security risks.

By investing in smart access management, cities and municipalities can reduce this complexity by using controlled and time-based keys and complete logging systems.

This will not only increase security, but also reduce operational costs and improve the efficiency of key management.

Smart access management plays an essential role in today's urban planning and development. This allows them to improve the safety and efficiency of their public spaces and contribute to a more sustainable society. So it is important that they continue to invest and innovate in the field of smart access management.

Sfinx has built a unique solution that can work overarching the various systems that may exist in different buildings, namely smart locks, garage doors, barriers, parcel boxes,... and can be perfectly integrated with other smart applications within the management of the heritage .


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