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Foodbag delivers meal boxes to your home with Sfinx Inside

Belgian meal box supplier Foodbag, which delivers 12,000 meal boxes with local products throughout Belgium every week, is further expanding its service to offer customers even more flexibility. In collaboration with the start-up Sfinx Inside, Foodbag is introducing a pilot project in Antwerp to test deliveries with smart locks, so that customers no longer have to be at home to receive their meal box.

'In-Home Delivery' has been known for some time in the US. Amazon offers its customers the opportunity to give delivery drivers direct access beyond their front door through its 'Key' service. As a result, fewer parcels end up on the sidewalk, are less damaged or stolen. At some supermarkets you can even have your groceries delivered to the refrigerator. Foodbag opts for a light version: the Foodbag delivery person brings the meal box just past your front door.

First in Europe

With 'In-Home Delivery', Foodbag sets a new standard in the food and e-commerce sector in Europe. In collaboration with Sfinx Inside, which provides the technological link between the smart lock and Foodbag's software (Dropon), the meal box is dropped off directly behind the front door by the Foodbag delivery person, thanks to a unique digital key that is only valid once for a specific length of time. Because safety is a high priority for Foodbag, the delivery drivers receive extra training to use this new technology.

“Innovation is one of the pillars of Foodbag. We constantly strive for improvement, especially in the field of service. Thanks to Sfinx Inside, customers no longer have to be at home when deliveries are made.” - Gustave Lorré - Project manager at Foodbag

Foodbag customers are extra encouraged to try out this service with a 60% discount on the purchase of a smart lock. This allows customers to easily upgrade their front door without screwing and then connect it with the Sfinx Inside software.

Sustainability through Sfinx

Stéphane Ronse, founder of Foodbag, emphasizes the importance of flexibility for consumers and sees 'In-Home Delivery' as the next logical step:

"I am absolutely convinced that this is a system that every Belgian should have a Sfinx enabled lock. It makes receiving your online purchases easier."

Customers can now choose between home delivery, with a choice of three delivery times, or a Collect&Go collection point. In the future, this can be expanded to even include parcel lockers. “Consumers must be able to flexibly switch between different ways of receiving their box based on their agenda,” says Stéphane Ronse. “No longer having to be physically at home is the next step.”

"Via Sfinx Inside you can connect any smart lock and you can even combine services such as cleaning assistance, parcel deliveries, home care, etc...." - Mathijs Degryse, Co-founder of Sfinx Inside.

The implementation of smart locks will not only improve the efficiency of meal box distribution, but also provide sustainable benefits through optimized route planning. This allows the delivery vehicles to operate mainly when traffic is light, relieving the already congested last-mile traffic.

In-fridge delivery

If the experiment in Antwerp proves successful, Foodbag will consider further expansion in Belgium, with possible future deliveries even to the customer's refrigerator. For more information about the pilot project and to participate as a tester, please visit the Foodbag website: .


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