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New feature release: Bridging the gap, introducing digital keypads and PIN codes

PIN stands for Personal Identification Number and it is a code which gives access to a secret and secure key. We are thrilled to unveil the latest evolution in our digital access management system: support for Keypads and PIN codes for Keyboxes.

At Sfinx, we understand that while the future of keys lies in the digital, many locations still rely on traditional security mechanisms. In stead of competing, we embrace this technology. Our new feature bridges this gap by seamlessly integrating conventional Keypad systems or Keyboxes in the Sfinx eco-system, bringing them in the digital era.

With this update, users gain more flexibility and control over their access systems. Now you can manage and assign PIN codes remotely, simplifying access control and enhancing security across your premises. Whether your site boasts the latest smart lock technology or relies on traditional keypad systems, Sfinx ensures that you're always in control.

What are the new key features:

  1. New keypad lock type: Our system now supports a new keypad lock type, expanding the range of compatible devices.

  2. Secret PIN code sharing: Share PIN codes of existing access systems in a discreet and secure way.

  3. Time-based access control: Indicate who can unlock the PIN code a specific times, granting temporary access as needed.

  4. Universal PIN code updates: When updating the PIN code, it automatically updates for every guest, streamlining management processes.

  5. Usage insights: Gain valuable insights into who is using the PIN code, empowering you to track access and identify any anomalies.

  6. Nuki keypad support: We now offer support for PIN code generation for Nuki keypads, enabling seamless integration with this popular smart lock system.

  7. Worker and visitor PIN codes: Assign PIN codes to workers and visitors, with the option to set time limits for added security.

By embracing digital keypads and PIN codes, we are not only upgrading your access management system, we are future-proofing it. Imagine that workers can use personalized PIN codes that are only active during their working hours and assigned locations... With our solution that imagination is now reality.

Join us on this journey towards a smarter, more secure feature! The keys to innovation are in your hands.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to redefine access management!


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