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No Keys, No Problems

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Simplifying access for short-term stays!

Short rental house

Access is probably the biggest frustration for homeowners who rent out their home or apartment.

The familiar hassle is the headache of having to be present for the key collection or if you are worried about lost keys.

The use of traditional keys is ready for an upgrade.

Gone are the days of fumbling with physical keys and complicated check-ins for holiday rentals. We believe that short-term stays should become a breeze for both guests and property owners.

Let's dive into how Sfinx can make everything simpler in just 3 steps:

Step 1: Add a smart lock or smart access solution

Install any smart lock or smart access solution you want and link it to Sfinx. One of the major advantages is that Sfinx is hardware independent and can integrate with several brands like Nuki, Danalock, Yale,...

Step 2: Link your smart solution to the Sfinx platform

Linking your device is easy. Our userfriendly app will guide you through the connection process.

Sfinx app

Step 3: Manage your access through the Sfinx administration portal

As of now you can manage the access remotely.

Sfinx platform

There are 2 ways to grant access to your visitors:

- The Sfinx app: You can invite your visitors to download the Sfinx app and give them access. The visitors download the app and will be able to open the door, once they are in front of the door. Access is only valid during the predefined period and when the person is in front of the door.

- A link: You can send your visitors a visitor link which is also only valid during the predefined period and when the person is in front of the door.

short rental


Manage the access for the people who support you for the maintenance of your holiday house or appartment.

You are in charge of who gets access when.

By using Sfinx, you get rid of exchanging physical keys and welcome digital keys that bring a host of benefits:

  1. No More Lost Keys: Forget about lost or misplaced keys. Guests can now access their rental using their smartphone and you are eliminating the stress of key mishaps.

  2. Remote Control: Property owners can manage access remotely. Whether it's granting access to guests or coordinating with maintenance, everything can be handled from anywhere, making life easier for property managers.

  3. Top-notch Security: Sfinx comes with advanced security features like authentication, real-time monitoring, logging, geofencing, and many others. This not only keeps the property safe but also gives guests peace of mind.

  4. Personalized Touch: Make guests feel welcome by customizing their experience. Set unique access codes, personalize settings based on preferences, and leave warm welcome messages—all at the touch of a button.

  5. Quick Check-In and Check-Out: If you are managing a complete holiday park. Bid farewell to long check-in lines. Guests can arrive at their own pace without coordinating with anyone. Checking out is just as simple, with no need for key returns.

short rental

Sfinx is changing the game in short-term holiday rentals, making everything easy and stress-free. Property owners save time and effort, while guests enjoy a smoother and more personalized experience. Sfinx moves holiday rentals to a world of hassle-free stays.


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