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Smart access management as an answer to theft on construction sites

Construction sites are known as vibrant centers of activity, where many workers collaborate on the construction of future buildings and infrastructure. But, behind the scenes lurks a serious and often overlooked problem: theft.

Theft on construction sites has several unpleasant consequences:

  • the costs for the contractors and developers

  • delay in project progress

  • employee safety is at risk

What is the scale of the problem?

Belgian crime statistics show that more than 7 thefts are reported every day. The actual number will be much higher, because not all contractors go to the police.

In the United States, they estimate that approximately $1 billion worth of construction materials are stolen annually, but again not all thefts are reported.

The costs are often considerable, but the indirect costs often weigh more heavily. The lack of equipment or construction materials causes delays that entail higher costs.

What should you pay attention to on a construction site?


Some construction sites are not well secured, so thieves can easily enter. Ensure that construction sites are properly closed with fences and gates.


Construction sites in remote locations have less security, so they are vulnerable to theft. So ensure there is sufficient surveillance and security.

Install cameras and alarm systems to deter thieves.

Protect valuable goods

Construction materials and equipment represent significant value, making them attractive targets. Label and register construction equipment and tools for traceability. There are also specific solutions to track your materials.


Poorly secured construction sites and unsecured storage areas make it easy for thieves to gain access to valuables.

Smart access management as a solution

A smart access control system is an effective and efficient solution for protecting construction sites against theft. By using technology such as smart locks and access control systems, construction companies can limit site access to authorized personnel or suppliers. These systems can also keep real-time logs so that you can see at any time who entered or left the site and when. You can often also integrate this with security cameras and alarm systems so that the risk of theft is significantly reduced.

Sfinx is such system that helps construction companies improve safety and significantly reduce the risk of theft.


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