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Smart Access Management with Sfinx for a Housing Society

Updated: Jul 5

A social housing company manages several housing complexes with thousands of residents. Managing access control, security and resident convenience is an important challenge. Another challenge, especially during emergencies or planned maintenance operations is managing the access for maintenance personnel or third parties.

Do you recognize one of the following problems:

  • as an administrator, I always have to be physically present to open the door for someone else.

  • the key giving access to various parts of a building was lost by a subcontractor. - we work with a key box and the key was accidentally not put back in the key box

  • we work with a key box and the code never changes, so all subcontractors know the code and can enter 24/7.

  • because I cannot manage access rights, subcontractors can also enter areas that they should not have access to.

  • a subcontractor is ill and the replacement does not have access to the necessary space.

  • As an administrator, I have no insight into who has been given access to specific rooms and when

By implementing Sfinx Inside, a platform for smart home technology, you are able to make key management more efficient and improve overall maintenance processes.


Increased Security:

Restricting unauthorized access and increasing safety for all residents and the administrators.

Convenience for Residents:

Provide simple and flexible access methods for residents.

Efficiency for Administrators:

  • Simplify access rights management and real-time monitoring of access activity.

  • Ensure that only authorized persons have access to the necessary areas and activities can be monitored.

  • Faster access for maintenance personnel in case of emergencies or urgent repairs.


Step 1: Installation of Smart Door Locks

Sfinx is a hardware independent system. That means we can select the hardware with the best fit for your building.

The different hardware (doors, garages, keyboxes, mailboxes) are connected to the Sfinx platform in order to manage the access rights.

Step 2: Manage through the Sfinx platform

Digital Keys for the residents:

Via the Sfinx platform you can manage all your digital keys for any area.

Installation of smart door locks on main entrances and apartments. Residents can gain access via a mobile app, RFID cards or biometric identification like fingerprints.

You can create a different key for common areas such as bicycle sheds, laundries and meeting areas.

Manage your digital keys for maintenance

The platform offers a central management system that allows maintenance requests to be linked to access rights. This ensures a good coördination between access and maintenance.

Administrators can grant temporary access to maintenance personnel in real-time, tailored to the specific task and time period.

Step 3: The user app

Residents can receive virtual keys through the app, giving them access to their apartment or house and communal areas. These keys can be easily adjusted or revoked.

Visitor Access: Residents can grant temporary access to visitors by sending them a digital key, which is limited to specific times or days.

Our access management system monitors all access activities and gives insights on who enters where and when, which helps identify unauthorized access attempts or suspicious activity.

Step 4: Integration possibilities

Sfinx is an open platform and can be integrated within your own techstack!

Integration with Sphinx Inside:

The results

  • A more efficient (key) management for maintenance and residents with a reduced administration

  • More transparancy and control

  • Ease of use: people experience more convenience by using the platform for access.

  • Improved response times in case of emergencies for maintenance people

  • Increased security through detailed logs and overview on your key management

  • Cost savings: Less need for physical keys and associated administration.


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