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The importance of smart access management for the Syndicus

slim toegangsbeheer voor de syndicus via Sfinx

A syndic is responsible for the management and representation of a co-ownership, including, for example, an apartment building. Some of the challenges they face are:

  • communication and involvement: Respecting different interests in decisions and resolving disputes.

  • financial management: managing finances, including drawing up budgets, planning maintenance costs,...

  • legal compliance: meeting legal requirements and regulations.

  • maintenance and repair management: planning, coordinating and supervising work on the building and communal areas.

  • management of facilities: managing communal facilities such as parking spaces, gardens, playgrounds, ...

  • safety and security management: ensuring the safety and security of the building and its residents.

  • technological and operational innovation: maintaining new technological developments in the management of the properties.

Addressing these challenges requires professional skills, organizational insight and strong commitment. To address some of these challenges, the syndic can also use technology to support this.

Access management is one of the crucial aspects of managing facilities. Traditional access systems with physical keys can have limitations, while smart solutions can offer a range of benefits to simplify the syndic's task.

Disadvantages of traditional access control

Safety risks

Keys are lost or easily copied, endangering the security of the building.


With a physical key it is difficult to deal flexibly with changes in access rights, such as adding new residents, managing temporary access or revoking access rights.

Limited traceability

Keeping track of who has access to the building and when is difficult with physical keys. This makes it impossible to accurately record access activities and can cause problems when resolving disputes.

Administrative burden

Managing a large number of physical keys and keeping track of the access rights of the various residents is time-consuming and administratively burdensome.

Cost of loss

Replacing physical keys or even locks can result in additional costs for the building.

Smart access management is the key

Addressing these disadvantages requires an integrated approach that takes into account the security needs, ease of use, flexibility and privacy of everyone involved in the apartment building.

Smart access management ensures this approach

Enhanced security

Smart access control provides a higher level of safety and security for the apartment building. Residents, visitors, staff are identified before being given access to the building. This reduces the risk of unauthorized access and improves overall security.

Efficient management of access rights

With a smart access management platform you can manage different access rights for residents, owners, staff and external service providers. Moreover, it can be dynamically adjusted depending on the needs. This saves time and dramatically reduces the risk of errors in access rights management.


Registering who entered or gained access and when helps with tracing in the event of incidents or emergencies and can help resolve disputes.

Increased comfort for the residents.

Smart access control solutions also improve resident comfort by making it easier to access the building and common areas. For example, mobile apps can be used to unlock doors from a smartphone, eliminating the need for residents to have physical keys. This contributes to a seamless and modern living experience.

Cost reduction

Although the initial investment in smart access management solutions may be higher than with traditional systems, significant cost savings can be achieved in the long term. Fewer lost or stolen keys means fewer costs for replacing keys and resolving security incidents. More efficient management and lower operating costs will contribute to a positive return on investment.

In a time where security, convenience and efficiency are of great importance, smart access management is an indispensable tool. The investment will not only improve safety and comfort for residents, but also increase efficiency and save costs in the long term.

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