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Why HoReCa should embrace smart locks or smart access management!

One of the numerous challenges for hospitality owners is managing the operational costs while still maintaining the highest quality of service.

At Sfinx, we know that a smart lock or smart access management will not sofve this challenge, nevertheless we are convinced that we can help to lower labor and overhead costs which easily represent > 40% of the total costs!

Let's have a look at what value it might offer.

4 reasons why smart access is a gamechanger for HoReCa

1 Enhanced security

Smart access management solutions, such as digital keys, badges or numeric solutions, ensure that only authorized personnel can access specific areas. This prevents unauthorized entry.

With smart locks, you can easily grant and revoke access to employees, vendors, and maintenance workers.

Smart lock systems come with logging capabilities that record when and who accessed the lock.

2 Efficiency and cost savings

Traditional keys and locks are not only vulnerable to loss and theft but also involve significant costs for replacement and management.

Smart access management eliminates these issues, it simplifies management and provides substantial long-term savings.

With smart locks, shift changes and access management become more efficient. Managers can easily update access permissions in real-time, ensuring that only authorized personnel are on the premises at any given time.

3 Insights

Smart access management offers valuable data insights.

The responsible can monitor who accessed which areas and when, helping to optimize staffing and resource allocation or orchestrate deliveries in a easier way. These data can also be used for security purposes and to resolve any incidents that may occur.

4 Integration possibilities

Smart access management can integrate with other systems like restaurant management systems, alarm systems, delivery systems, building management systems, ... This integration ensures a holistic approach to security and efficiency, with all systems working together to create a safe and smooth operational environment.

The locked value of smart access management for service organizations

Restaurants rely on a diverse array of service organizations to maintain their operations:

  • Food & beverage suppliers

    • distributors

    • specialty suppliers

  • Equipment suppliers & maintenance

    • kitchen equipment

    • maintenance and repair for the equipment

    • POS system providers

  • Cleaning services

    • cleaning

    • recycling

  • Facility management

    • HVAC

    • Electricity,...

All of thos service organizations have the challenge to deliver the services at the moment the premise is closed and at many moments no one is present.

That's when smart access management comes in. In stead of paying an employee to be present, restaurants can organize this in a more efficient way, by granting access to the organizations.

What's the advantage for the service organizations?

Streamlined operations

Smart access management simplifies this process by allowing remote control of access permissions. Technicians, maintenance crews, and other service personnel can be granted temporary access through digital keys. This eliminates the need for physical key exchanges and reduces waiting time, ensuring that service visits are quick and efficient.


Smart access management ensures that only authorized personnel can enter restricted areas such as kitchens, storage rooms, and offices. For service organizations, this means their employees can perform their tasks without compromising the security of the restaurant. Additionally, access logs provide a clear record of who entered and exited, which is invaluable in case of any security incidents.

Cost efficiency and flexibility

Service organizations can reduce their overheads and offer more competitive pricing to restaurant clients. Moreover, the ability to revoke access instantly enhances security without additional costs.

Smart access management is highly flexible and allows service organizations to quickly adapt to changing requirements. Access permissions can be adjusted in real-time, ensuring that the right people have access at the right times, without the complexity of traditional key management.

Improved service quality & customer relationship

Service personnel can be granted specific access rights that align with their tasks, reducing the likelihood of errors and ensuring they can focus on their work. For instance, cleaning staff can be given access to storage areas only during their shifts, while technicians can access equipment rooms as needed. This enhances service quality and results in a better customer relationship

Sfinx created a hardware-agnostic platform for smart access management which can be seamlessly integrate in the current workprocesses.

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