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In-house delivery is great for delivery services because it gives them more control and makes things run smoother. They can deliver stuff directly, which means they can be faster and more personal. It's like they're in charge of everything, so it helps them do a better job and keep customers happy.

What We



With Sfinx, only authorized personnel can access and manage the delivery process, reducing the risk of unauthorized handling or theft. The platform adds an extra layer of protection by allowing secure tracking and monitoring of deliveries, ensuring that packages reach the right hands at the right time.



Sfinx facilitates streamlining the entire delivery process. The platform allows precise coordination and monitoring of delivery personnel, optimizing routes and schedules. With digital access tools, such as secure keyless entry, the platform enhances speed and accuracy in handling deliveries.


Smart Integration

We believe smart integrations are crucial to allow coordination between different systems such as order management, inventory, delivery tracking and efficient routing systems. This leads to higher efficiency, timely deliveries and results in saving time and resources while it enhances the overall customer experience. Sfinx acts a a central hub that orchestrates and optimizes the entire in-house delivery ecosystem, maximizing efficiency and customer satisfaction.



In-house delivery offers customers a heightened level of convenience for several reasons. Firstly, it typically results in faster delivery times since the service provider has direct control over the entire process. Customers also benefit from more accurate tracking information, allowing them to know exactly when to expect their delivery. The customers are worry free and always certain of delivery!



Sfinx provides real-time visibility into the delivery process, which enhances accountability and security, ensurins deliveries are on schedule. Monitoring enables quick responses in case of unexpected events and creates extra customer satisfaction. Sfinx allows performance analysis and optimization of delivery routes and processes over time, improving efficiency and reducing costs.



Sfinx enables optimized routing which results in minimizing fuel consumption and reducing carbon emissions. It may facilitate the use of reusable materials as it might give greater control over the process (pick-up). In-house delivery's direct control over the entire delivery process allows for strategic and environmentally conscious decision-making, contributing to a more sustainable approach in the transportation and logistics sector.

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Food delivery

High value goods

Overnight delivery


Integrating Sfinx into our fresh food delivery service was a game-changer. Customers loved the flexibility of keyless entry, ensuring a smooth and contactless delivery experience. The platform allowed us to ensure timely deliveries and the real-time monitoring feature provided transparency and accountability. It not only elevated the convenience for our customers but also streamlined our operations. It's the future of efficient and secure food delivery
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