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Home cleaning

Home Cleaning
Home Cleaning

Worry-free and efficient home maintenance starts with our advanced smart access management service.

Your time is valuable, which is why we have invested in modern technology to improve your experience.

Our smart access control system allows customers to effortlessly grant remote access to professional cleaners. Whether people are at work or elsewhere, your services can be excecuted in the most efficient way, while they still retain control over who enters their home and when.

This not only means more convenience and flexibility for your customer, but also improved efficiency for your services. In addition, it contributes to increased safety as no more keys needs to be shared with the risk of loosing them, environmental friendliness and the ability to easily submit reports or provide feedback. Choose to be a cleaning service that is at the forefront of technological innovation and enjoy a seamless, modern cleaning experience.

What We



Smart access control systems are  more secure than traditional keys. Access rights can be limited to specific times and days, improving security. Additionally, digital logs can track who accessed the home and when.


Time registration

Using Sfinx helps to track the time cleaners spend in a home. This can be useful for both the cleaning service and the customer for billing and scheduling future appointments.


Smart Integrations

Sfinx can be integrated with other systems, such as billing, scheduling and customer management. This ensures a seamless workflow and can increase overall business efficiency.


Reporting & feedback

Using Sfinx, you can easily submit reports on the work carried out. Customers can also provide feedback through the system, which can improve communication and quality control.


Customer satisfaction

The ease of managing remote access increases customer satisfaction. Customers often appreciate modern and convenient solutions that simplify their daily lives.



Sfinx allows customers to grant cleaning service access to their home even if they are not physically present. This increases efficiency because the cleaners can gain access at the scheduled time without the customer having to stay at home.


Happier employees

Sfinx is not only useful for the customers, but also for the cleaners themselves. They can gain easier access to the home, which can improve their work experience and increase overall productivity.


Worry free

With Sfinx there is no risk of lost keys. This can reduce the hassle and costs associated with replacing locks if keys are lost.

As a cleaning service, we pride ourselves on delivering more than just spotless homes. Our mission is to offer an experience in convenience and security ensuring our customers peace of mind. It's not just about cleaning, it's redefining what excellence in service truly means. 
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