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Our Features

The features of Sfinx play a crucial role in shaping its significance and impact on security, efficiency, and user experience.

The importance of our features lies in the collective ability to enhance security, streamline operations and provide a user-friendly and the most convenient experience. 

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Keyless entry

Keyless entry, a fundamental feature, eliminates the vulnerabilities associated with physical keys, reducing the risk of unauthorized access due to lost or stolen keys. This enhances security by providing a more reliable means of access control.

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Security first

Security is critical in our platform. It is a foundational element in the effectiveness and reliability of the entire access control system. We implemented state of the art technology and added trust enabling features like logging, key management, time-stamped pics, geo-fencing,...

access dashboards


Logging and obtaining insights is a crucial feature.

Real-time monitoring and entry logs contribute to accountability and transparency, allowing administrators to track access activities and respond promptly to any security concerns.

Access logs serve as an audit trail, which is essential for regulatory compliance in various industriesand contributes to user accountability by creating transparency.

Finally logging offers valuable operational insights by revealing patterns of access and occupancy. This information can be used to optimize overall operational efficiency. 

access permissions

Key & Permission management

Remote access control is increasingly important in our interconnected world, enabling administrators to manage access permissions from anywhere. This feature not only enhances convenience but also facilitates rapid response to changing circumstances, such as granting temporary access for service providers or caregivers.

Customizable permissions are vital for tailoring access to specific individuals or groups, ensuring that sensitive areas remain secure while accommodating the diverse needs of users.

Communication visual


Communication and chat functionality play a crucial role in enhancing the overall effectiveness and user experience.

It offers the possibility for real-time and personalized support, remote assistance, alerts and feedback. Moreover, it can also provide valuable information and prevent uncertainties or minor incidents.

API key


Integration capabilities with other smart systems streamline operations. Embed Sfinx in your daily operations and integrate our technology in your current technology stack. 

Automate some tasks like scheduled locking and unlocking or put off the light or heating automatically whenever a person leaves the house.

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