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Smart living starts at the door!

Implementing a smart access system  is important for the combination of improved security, convenience, customization, and the ability to create a more connected and automated home environment.

Gain precious time and start to live worry-free. Start to live smarter!

How it Works

Smart living is at your fingertips

Step 1:

Connect your smart applications like smart locks, smart garages, smart mailboxes, alarm systems, camera's,... to the Sfinx platform

Step 2:

Grant secure access to your favourite service organizations like home cleaning, home delivery and many more for ultimate convenience.

Step 3:

Monitor and manage who enters your house when and stay in full (remote) control. 

Step 4: 

Enjoy your cleaned house, your on time deliveries, your worry-free holidays,... Unlock your worry-free and ultimate convenience!

smart lock
smart garage
smart mailbox
smart doorbell
smart camera
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Sfinx platfor screenshot
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And many more...

Why Sfinx

Secure, Seamless, Access Anywhere, Anytime

Home Cleaning

Worry free

Your home, under your control

Sfinx creates worry-free experiences. Packages are always delivered, your home is cleaned arriving in the evening, you get the right medical care, ... 

No more hassle with keys

Your keys are in good hands. Manage yourself who gets access to your premise. Family, neighbours,... 

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key & permission management

Sfinx icon

time boxed keys

Home Care
Sfinx Mobile app

Where convenience meets security

The synergy between seamless, keyless entry and robust security measures creates an environment where user convenience aligns seamlessly with the importance of trustworthy system.

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Keyless entry

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Customizable permissions

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Logging & intelligence

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Remote access control

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From smart integrations to trust enabling features - Sfinx has it all.

In an access management service, adding extra features is crucial. These features not only make security better but also improve the overall experience, making sure the platform can adapt to the changing needs of users.

Sfinx enabled front door


The latest from Sfinx

Our Clients

Why people like Sfinx?

"Sfinx made us lower the leadtime logistics with more than 120%"

Ever since Sfinx introduced their in-house delivery system powered by a cutting-edge physical access management platform, our experience has reached new heights of security and efficiency. Knowing that our packages are handled with precision and delivered securely using state-of-the-art access management gives us peace of mind. Sfinx has truly set a new standard in delivery services, where convenience meets advanced security.

Man Sfinx

Gustave Lorré
Project Manager Foodbag

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