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Smart Pick-up

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Pick-up services for wholesale companies are services that allow customers to pick up their orders in person at the wholesaler's physical location, rather than waiting for home delivery.


Pick-up services offer customers more flexibility and control over their orders, while also saving on shipping costs. For wholesalers, they offer an additional sales channel and the opportunity to strengthen customer relationships through personal interaction.

What We


On-demand pickups

You are in control of your logistics schedule. On demand pick-ups are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Sfinx offers a platform to create a pick-up request, where you can provide the necessary detailed information and special instruction on where to find the ordered materials. With a virtual key (time boxed and geo-protected) the customer can pick-up his package whenever he can. With the real-time tracking you can monitor your pick-up any time, anywhere.



Convenience is why you need Sfinx. Convenience for the wholesaler and the customer: effortless coordination, time-saving, piece of mind,... Sfinx offers remote access control, customizable access, automated check-ins, time limited access, emergency access,... 

Whether you are a small scale or large wholesaler, Sfinx helps to supports to streamline your operations.


Smart Integrations

Seamless integrations is key in the set-up of Sfinx. Our forward-thinking approach combines embedded functionality and security with endless integration possibilities through our open API. Integrate Sfinx in your own customer portal or integrate with other technologies like alarm systems, RFID technology, energy management, camera's,... Sfinx offers unlimited possibilities. 



Sfinx enhances security for pick-ups by centralizing access control and implementing robust authentication protocols. Sfinx can integrate advanced security features such as encryption, multi-factor authentication, and real-time monitoring, providing both hosts and guests with a more secure and trustworthy environment compared to traditional key-based systems.



The efficiency of Sfinx lies in its ability to automate processes, enhance security and provide a convenient experience by streamlining management of pick-up services. Sfinx offers cost savings, time savings and more efficient planning possibilities for as well the wholesaler as the end customer. 



Total visibility allows you to analyze and track trends over time. Getting insights to customer access patterns can improve overall efficiency. Our robust management platform gives you real-time access logs, security alerts, occupancy insights,... Monitoring enhances overall security, facilitates efficiency and provides insights for optimizing the customer experience.

Improve your customer journey now!

Sfinx has transformed the way we manage our logistics. Their real-time tracking feature gives us peace of mind knowing exactly where our shipments are at all times. Their on-demand pick-up service has been a game-changer for our business, allowing us to meet sudden spikes in demand with ease.
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